Dominican Republic

A ministry based in Santo Domingo with six churches scattered throughout the Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic

Since 1981


Originally a Friends of Missions work, the ministry in the Dominican Republic joined with EFM in 2001. Today the ministry consists of 6 churches and a ministry training program. We’re working to plant churches and develop Christian leaders throughout the Dominican Republic.

Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Angel & Gloria Leiva

Angel (ahng – hehl) and Gloria Leiva (l AI-v aa) have been serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic since February 2018. They oversee the ministries of the churches, minister through evangelism, preaching, teaching, and training and development of spiritual leaders in each church.

Local Leader

Andry & Ledy Leiva

While serving with his family, Andry Leiva is developing a ministry training program for EFM churches and other local churches, using the courses from Shepherds Global Classroom.