4 Ways EFM is Reaching Farther

Jan 30, 2023 | General

EFM began as an evangelistic association that sent “Pentecostal Bands” of evangelists to minister within the U.S. The vision continued to grow, and the association became a sender of foreign missionaries with the commissioning of the Lewis Glenn family to Egypt. (Learn more about who we are here.)

Since then, we have developed ministries in more than 20 countries, but we will not stop or be satisfied. Jesus said that the work of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost would empower believers to reach farther with the Gospel until they reach the farthest part of the earth. 

We are spreading out maps and looking at countries with strange names, giving special attention to the 10/40 Window, where most of the unreached people live. We are taking another look at the places where we have served for decades, asking how we can reach out in new ways to populations that are being missed. We are finding ways to empower and motivate national churches to plant new churches and become missionary senders. 

This year Evangelistic Faith Missions is reaching farther by: 

Sending Missionaries 

Since 1905, EFM has sent more than 135 missionary families or individuals. In 2022, we sent two missionary families to restricted countries and added a new missionary to our urban ministry team. 

We are currently seeking teachers, field directors, and missionaries to fill ministry positions in Africa, Central America, and Asia.

We believe that missionaries should be equipped to succeed. Like employees, our missionaries are guaranteed support, benefits, and office help. 

New UMD Missionary, Laura Geul, serving at our coffee shop in Detroit

Serving Communities 

EFM serves communities in order to share the Gospel. Examples of community service ministries include a school in Guatemala, a medical center in Honduras, management training in Asia, and a coffee shop in Detroit.  

The medical ministries of Honduras – the medical brigades, clinic, and surgical brigades – offer their services to the community with the message of the Gospel. Because of this, more than 100 people prayed for salvation in the 2022 medical brigade alone.  

These stories of transformation encourage us to reach farther. We are expanding these community ministries and looking for new ways to serve through locally sustained enterprises. 

Two graduates from our ministry training institute in Liberia

Training Believers Near the Unreached 

EFM is multiplying pastors, evangelists, and missionaries by training the Christians nearest the unreached. Leaders from our established ministries in Egypt and Central America are already planting churches and evangelizing in their own community. We are partnering with them to send missionaries to surrounding countries.  

This summer, the Faith Churches of Egypt reached more than 40,000 Arabic-speaking children around the world through their broadcast ministry. They are preparing to send missionaries from their Bible college to share the Gospel and the message of holiness in other Arabic-speaking countries. 

We are also opening new fields with established ministry leaders who have zeal, integrity, a servant attitude, and a vision to provide ministry training to the churches throughout their country. We equip leaders to build a network of ministry training sites that will strengthen churches and prepare missionaries. 

In Liberia, our central institute team has planted 24 locally supported extension sites with 450 students from at least 100 different churches. We continue to reach farther by replicating this model in the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso. 

Two students attending Faith Bible College in Egypt, ready to go wherever God leads

Equipping Professionals to Witness 

80% of the unreached people of the world live in countries where missionary work is illegal, but professionals are welcomed.  

Throughout history, missionaries have shared the Gospel while meeting needs with medical care, education, and many forms of poverty relief. Today, missional professionals and businessmen can follow a similar approach, taking a role that creates opportunities for the Gospel. Christian professionals and entrepreneurs in restricted countries daily have opportunities to demonstrate and explain their faith to people who might not otherwise talk to a Christian.  

EFM can rapidly train and place professionals to make a spiritual impact in places where people urgently need the Gospel. 

We are living in a world of great need and great opportunity. With God’s guidance and the support of faithful friends like you, we are reaching farther for the sake of the Gospel. 

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