EFM’s oldest ministry beginning in 1905 with our first missionaries, Lewis and Viola Glenn




Reached by Arabic Broadcasts

Bible College Students


Since 1905


This strong, locally led work includes 65 churches, a Bible college, several community outreach programs, and broadcasting programs that reach more than 100,000 people across the Middle East and North Africa. The Faith Churches of Egypt are working to expand their ministry by training believers and establishing new churches throughout Egypt and other Arab speaking countries.

Local Leader

Steven & Persis Ibrahim


Current Projects

Send Missionaries from Egypt

The Faith Churches of Egypt are strategically positioned and prepared to send missionaries across the Middle East and North Africa. Equipped with Arabic translations of the Shepherds Global Classroom courses, these missionaries will train local believers to evangelize and plant churches. We can enable more missionaries to be sent by committing to provide part of the support.

Purchase Church Buildings in Egypt

Due to new regulations, churches are required to own their buildings instead of renting. The Faith Churches plant a new congregation by evangelizing and starting a Bible study group in a new area, but they must quickly secure a building in order to establish a church that can function legally. Presently, 11 congregations are illegally meeting in rented buildings. They need to buy their buildings in order to continue to worship freely.