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Subscriptions to the Herald are a suggested donation of $20 a year.

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Thank you for asking. You can pay your suggested yearly donation of $20 here.

Can you send me previous issues of the Herald?

Yes! While we cannot reprint or mail a previous issue, we can email you a digital copy of almost any Herald going back to 1917. Contact our office to request your digital copy.

Shepherds Global Classroom

What is Shepherds Global Classroom (SGC)?

Shepherd Global Classroom is an international holiness curriculum provider. Using their materials allows us to thoroughly and systematically prepare Christians around the world for leadership.

How is EFM working with Shepherds Global Classroom?

Evangelistic Faith Missions has partnered with Shepherds Global Classroom (SGC) in order to open new fields and train believers around the world. EFM uses SGC materials to reach into restricted countries with the Gospel and develop Biblical communities. We find the SGC teachings to be valuable in training believers and building strong locally led ministries.

While most holiness missions organizations now use SGC materials, Evangelistic Faith Missions has been at the forefront of using these materials to extend the Gospel. We have used SGC materials to open new fields, reach unreached people groups, and equip new missionaries.

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