Hope Bilingual Christian Academy Camp

Jul 3, 2023 | News

Editor’s note: Colegio Evangelico Bilingue la Esperanza (CEBE) (Hope Bilingual Christian Academy) is EFM’s academy in Jalapa, Guatemala. Academy teachers usually plan a special camp for their
students each year, but Covid prevented them from having the camp for a few years.
Everyone was excited for the April 2023 camp, “Discover Your Treasure!”
Below is teacher Claudia Marroquin’s account of this year’s camp.

Giggles of nervous little kids and big smiles everywhere!
Suitcases packed with lots of energy… and some clothes!
It’s time to enjoy! Get your sleeping bag and flashlight and join us!

CEBE camp is one of the most anticipated activities of the school year. It is planned with
special care and motivation. CEBE teachers prepare several days before camp. With
willing hearts and batteries charged, we pack everything necessary for a successful
activity in every way: dishes, medicine, everything needed for games, and much more.
The students’ parents also get involved in the realization of this important activity. They
help to cook the meals for the camp. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of
parents, always willing to help.

After three years of not being able to have a camp, the school staff and the students are
so excited! For some students, this is their first camping experience, which makes it even
more special. We have an amazing time and share unforgettable moments that will always
be kept in our minds and hearts.

We have many activities and games to enhance friendship and teamwork, such as water
games, sack races, water balloons, and a bonfire and marshmallows.

Spiritual impact is our main purpose for this kind of activity. During the bonfire time there
is always time for a good speech; it is a time to be thankful for God’s creation and to think
about how blessed we are to be called His children. There are also devotions in different
times of the day, where we all feel blessed and touched by God.

As teachers and spiritual guides for the students, we feel honored and happy to be able to help to build God’s Kingdom by daily leading the children to Jesus. We seize every
moment to share the love of God with these precious little souls. Your prayers are always appreciated.

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