How Can I Extend the Gospel?

Oct 20, 2022 | General

Thank you for asking! This is such an important question. Scripture calls every Christian to be a minister of the Gospel and shows us that every vocation should bring glory to Him. Here are a few ways you can extend the Gospel. 


Connect with Resources. Connecting with missional resources will equip you to extend the Gospel by informing you about the world’s needs, preparing you to pray, and empowering you to witness. There are many great resources available online but here are a few from EFM. 

  • Missionary Herald – Read news and reports from around the world in our monthly magazine. 
  • EFM Podcast – Listen bi-weekly to be inspired by a variety of ministry leaders around the world. 
  • EFM Online News – Read weekly news and resource articles on our website or in your inbox. 
  • EFM Social Media Accounts– Engage with the EFM community on Facebook and Instagram.  

Connect with Those in Need of the Gospel. Whether at work, the grocery store, or church, we are surrounded by people who need to hear the good news of the Gospel. Here are some ways you can connect with those in need and show the goodness of God.  

  • Ask questions. Then listen intently, pray, and follow up. Whether or not they ever ask for prayer, doing this with people you regularly meet will open opportunities for you to connect, empathize, and serve.   This may be as simple as asking a coworker about their weekend plans, patiently listening as they explain about their aunt’s health situation, remembering to pray for her and following up on Monday with “Hey, I prayed for your aunt’s surgery. How did it go?” Regularly asking, listening, praying, and following up will open many opportunities to meet deeper needs. 
  • Be hospitable. One of the most powerful ways to share your faith is through hospitality. Make room in your inner circle for a stranger in need: maybe a widow, a single mother, an immigrant, a college student, a coworker, or someone without family. You could do this by sharing meals in your home, by hosting recurring basketball games, or by offering to meet a need like babysitting or lawn care. Find a way to love people by regularly and meaningfully being involved in their life. 


Join Us in Prayer. Prayer is always our missionaries’ primary request. More than money or manpower we need your prayers. Pray with us that God will:  

  • Call men and women to the harvest 
  • Give wisdom and direction to our missionaries, president, and mission staff 
  • Give grace, strength, and endurance to our missionaries, president, and mission staff 
  • Provide the relationships and resources needed to grow the work of the Kingdom 

By joining our weekly prayer newsletter, you can be empowered to pray specifically for the needs of EFM.  

Join Efforts and Go. There are international opportunities to join the work of the Kingdom regardless of your vocation. Going to where the need is greatest should be a consideration for every believer, not just missionaries. Consider where you can go to extend the Gospel. Here are some possibilities: 

  • Live in an inner-city community. Cities like Detroit are densely populated with unreached people. Whether American or immigrant, most people in these areas don’t know a Christian and have no access to a Christian church. You can be on a mission field without leaving the US! EFM has ministries in a couple cities and is looking to expand.  
  • Live in a hostile country. Many countries that are hostile to Christianity and closed to missionaries welcome American professionals. Being a trained or certified professional will allow you to live out the Gospel in some of the darkest places of the world. We can help you discover where your skills are needed in the world. We will provide you with the resources and support needed to prepare you for witnessing and living in a hostile or restricted country. 


By giving to the work of the Kingdom, you send missionaries, serve communities, and train believers. Your donations have very real and immediate results, and your generous and consistent gifts have made the ministry of EFM possible.  

The need for the Gospel is great. Every day, 60,000 people die in regions of the world where they probably did not hear the Gospel in their lifetimes. Reaching the world for Christ will require the work of every believer.

Together, let’s extend the Gospel.

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