Dominican Republic

Angel & Gloria Leiva

Serving Since: 2018

Ministering In: Dominican Republic

Children: Andry & Ledy, Keidy, and Gerardo

Angel (ahng – hehl) and Gloria Leiva (l AI-v aa) have been serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic since February 2018. They oversee the ministries of the churches, minister through evangelism, preaching, teaching, and training and development of spiritual leaders in each church.

Angel was born in Colinas Santa Barbara, Honduras. He was saved in 1987.  Gloria Rose was born in San Luis, Honduras and was saved in 1983.

In 1988 Angel was baptized as a member of the Emmanuel church. He began singing in a trio at the church. This ministry gave him the opportunity to minister in evangelistic campaigns and special worship services in other Emmanuel churches in Honduras for the next several years. He also grew from opportunities to preach the Word of God in various places near Santa Barbara.

At the end of 1988, he received a direct call to prepare for pastoral ministry.  He went to Emmanuel Bible Institute in San Luis in 1989, studying there for four years.

While there God gave him the blessing of getting acquainted with Gloria Rosa, who is his wife today. She had also been called by God to prepare for ministry and was studying at the Emmanuel Bible Institute.

Angel served as a pastor in two churches during his time as a student, while Gloria served as a children’s teacher in various places.

After graduating in 1990, Angel and Gloria pastored in three different churches in Honduras. Later Angel served as a teacher in the Bible institute in San Luis for 2 years. For several years he was on the Emmanuel National Church Board for Honduras, and later he was elected as president of the Emmanuel Church Association in Honduras.  He served in that position for eight years.  In San Pedro Sula Angel was the administrator of “Star of Prayer Radio,” the radio ministry of the national church, and he served as a district church supervisor on two different occasions.

Angel and Gloria have four grown children, three of whom minister together with them in the Dominican Republic: Andry, Keidy, and Gerardo.

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