How Can I Pray for the Persecuted Church?

Nov 3, 2023 | General

Throughout the month of November, believers from around the world will be joining together to pray for the persecuted church. God has opened doors of ministry for EFM in North Africa, the Middle East, and East and South Asia — regions in which many are persecuted for their faith. Join us in special prayer for our local believers and ministry leaders laboring in these areas. 

Nepali ministry leaders in a ministry training workshop

1. Pray for believers to be established in sound doctrine. As we translate holiness training materials into Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, and Urdu and establish training networks…

  • Pray translators, editors, and proofers will be given wisdom and discernment as they work. 
  • Pray local leaders will have understanding as they oversee training. 
  • Pray pastors and church leaders will overcome scheduling and transportation difficulties to receive the biblical training they need and desire. 
  • Pray for pastors to teach God’s Word with integrity. 

2. Pray for believers to courageously share the Gospel with unbelievers. In North Africa and the Middle East, Gospel broadcasting reaches into the homes of unbelievers. Ministry teams from local churches also personally visit homes to share the Gospel and build relationships. 

  • Pray believers will not allow fear of punishment, suffering, or loss to hinder them from being witnesses for Christ. 
  • Pray believers will be led to “people of peace” (Luke 10:6) who are responsive to the Gospel, and who provide access to families and communities who are also ready for the Good News. 
  • Pray unbelievers who are hearing the Gospel through social media and online programming will come to faith in Christ. 
Believers sharing Christian literature through a medical brigade in North Africa

3. Pray for believers who are witnesses among unreached people groups. In order to share the Gospel, believers in Asia and Egypt serve as educators, tutors, daycare workers, and human resource directors. 

  • Pray that God will continue to reveal new opportunities for these professionals to share their faith through their careers. 
  • Pray for believers to have creativity and courage for building relationships with individuals from people groups that have no access to Scripture, and who do not yet know any believers. 
  • Pray for believers to know how to share the Gospel in situations where their hearers are in danger regardless of their response to the message. 
Tanzanian elders praying with a recent convert from Islam

4. Pray for believers to be steadfast in their faith, enduring suffering with patience. Despite government restrictions, the Faith Churches of Egypt have found creative ways to share the Gospel and continue to grow. While public evangelism is illegal, believers may freely worship and teach within their buildings. 

  • Pray that the Faith congregations that are currently renting will be able to purchase their own buildings. 
  • Pray for the safety and effectiveness of those who choose to worship and evangelize illegally. 
  • Pray unbelievers will continue to be drawn to the love of Christ they see in the churches. 

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