Reach Farther

Aug 23, 2022 | General

Extend your reach with Evangelistic Faith Missions in the following ways.

1. Send missionaries

EFM has sent more than 120 missionary families or individuals to fields around the world. We guarantee their support and help them navigate in a foreign environment.

2. Serve communities

EFM serves communities in order to share the Gospel. Examples include a school in Guatemala, a medical center in Honduras, management training in Asia, and a coffee shop in Detroit. We are expanding these community ministries and looking for new ways to serve.

3. Train believers near the unreached

EFM is multiplying pastors, evangelists, and missionaries for the unreached by training the Christians nearest the unreached. This training equips churches to evangelize locally and beyond.

4. Equip professionals to witness

80% of the unreached people of the world live in countries where missionary work is illegal, but professionals are welcomed. EFM can rapidly train and place professionals where they can share their faith with people who have never talked to a Christian before.

Jesus said that believers will keep extending the gospel until they reach the farthest part of the earth. The world is waiting…

Evangelistic Faith Missions extends your reach.

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