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Aug 21, 2023 | News

In May, Keith made a trip to Jalapa, Guatemala to sign legal paperwork and have meetings with the school board and staff. He was so excited to see that there is a record number of students, with over 150 students this year. God is really helping and blessing the school, and we are so thankful.

We are grateful for the over 150 students God sent us this year!

With more students comes another great opportunity. In the very near future, we will need more space to accommodate everyone. We have classrooms that can be opened up to make larger ones and other open areas that can be closed in to make classrooms. Some of the classes are meeting in the big open area in the middle of the property—which works great until it rains… or is windy… or there are parades going down the streets.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom as Keith, Eddy (the maintenance man), and the school board come up with ideas on how to best make space for the growing number of students.

The Central School Yard: With so many little feet and such a small patch of grass, the grass just doesn’t have a chance.
We are asking for prayer on how to make bigger classrooms with what we have.

One day while Keith was in Guatemala, the school had a merit party for the students to be rewarded for the merits they had earned… And what a day it was! Students could choose to spend their merits on a bounce house, a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, or ice cream.

Merit Day: The students got to spend their merits on popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream,
or playing in the bounce house. It was a great day!

Please keep the school, staff, and board in your prayers. God is blessing and things are growing, but the Devil is also fighting. We appreciate your prayers, love, and support for them so much!

The secretary always has a beautiful smile waiting for whoever walks in the door.

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