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Feb 13, 2023 | News

As we walk back through this last year (2022), we see the hand of God guiding us in every aspect of ministry—whether we were kneeling in the dirt to fix a broken pipe, running electrical wire, or sitting next to a hurting individual to share Christ with them. God has been so good to our family.

You have also joined us in this journey and been instrumental to the ministry here. Let me share with you some of the stories of lives touched. 

Many of you have prayed for Anna. This dear lady began coming to our services nearly four years ago. Her adult daughter was near death and Anna—with many questions—was desperate for a life change. The family started attending church, and a year later she turned her life over to Christ. She continues to grow in her faith. While her faith has often been challenged by family ridicule and difficult situations, Anna continues to cling to her Savior! This past spring, Anna surrendered everything to God and was entirely sanctified! It’s been such a joy to watch her live out her simple faith in Christ! 

One of Anna’s biggest burdens is for her children and grandchildren. She has often requested prayer for them and continually encourages them to give their lives to Jesus. God has opened doors for us to also speak and pray with them. Several of her grandchildren come to church with her and enjoy Sunday School. In September, I (Judy) received a heart-warming call. “Mrs. Judy, I just got saved! I gave my heart to Jesus, and I’m so happy!” Joyful tears came to my eyes as Angel, an 8-year-old granddaughter of Anna’s, relayed to me how she got saved. Now this little girl is also a testimony to her family. Her grandmother and she have become a team to win other family members to Christ.  

Judy teaching Sunday School

Many people come and go through the doors of Awake Café. God has given countless opportunities to speak to, pray with, and just love on hurting people! There are those that come from abusive situations… and others who have seen religion, yet never realized Jesus’ love. Others are tired of life and are looking for a friend or needing a place of comfort. In each situation, we endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, when many of the other coffee shops and restaurants had shut their doors, God brought Mark to Awake Café. He works at a nearby hospital and was looking for a place to get a bite to eat. Since that first day, Tonweya and others have had opportunities to have meaningful conversations with him. Now, not only has the café become a highlight in his day, but the employees also look forward to his frequent visits. He remarks, “The people here have become my family!” We are excited to see how God is working in Mark’s life!  

Distributing free water during a local 5k run

There are others like Joseph and Jimmy, homeless men who come in for a hot drink and meal. We never know what mood they may be in or what substance may be in their system, but we do our best to love them to Jesus. Both have come to our church, and we’ve prayed with them. We continue to pray that they see Jesus and come to know Him as their Savior.  

It is individuals like Anna and Angel who you have prayed for as you lifted up our ministry in prayer. It’s Mark, Joseph, and Jimmy who are affected when you pray for our team and Awake Café. Your support has allowed these souls to hear the truth and see Christ lived out in everyday situations.  

Guests at the café

You have allowed our children to experience taking cookies and bread to our neighbors and being a light in the community where we live. You are a vital part of God’s ministry here in Detroit. Thank you for standing beside us in your loving and sacrificial support and prayers!  

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