The Land of Smiles, where 85-90% of the population identify as Buddhist and only 1% identify as Christian



Since 2020


The church of Thailand is small and much in need of biblical teaching and discipleship – victory over sin and separation from the world are not often taught. We are working to build the Body of Christ and raise up ministry leaders using Shepherds Global Classroom.

Missionaries to Thailand

Jacob & Naomi Litchfield

The Litchfield family is currently serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Jake is training national church leaders and laypeople in biblical theology, and teaching them about holiness of heart and life.  


Current Project

Translate Training Materials into Thai

85 percent of Thai people identify as Buddhist. American missionaries are resisted because they seem to represent a foreign religion. We want to equip local believers to evangelize. We have just opened a ministry training institute, and we want to make ministry training available throughout Thailand.