Transformed by Christ in the Dominican Republic

Dec 4, 2023 | News

From Angel Leiva, Missionary to the Dominican Republic

At the heart of our community is a story of faith and transformation. Ercilio Carmona is an 80-year-old man whose religious journey has been remarkable. From his adolescence until the age of 78, he was a faithful devotee of Catholicism, but everything changed in the year 2021, when he embraced the Gospel in the Kilometer 32 (Km-32) church.

In an emotional conversation with us, Ercilio shared his deep appreciation for how his newfound faith has led him to the path of truth. Now, in the golden stage of his life, his greatest desire is to maintain the full confidence that he will dwell eternally with Christ.

As the father of one of our leading sisters at Km-32, beloved Sister Olga Carmona, Ercilio is proud of the dedication that she and her daughter, Yascaira Carmona, have shown in their service to the church.

Ercilio’s transformation began during an impactful teaching service at our Km-32 church. He had experienced physical difficulties with Covid, and his heart was opened to his need for true repentance and forgiveness from Jesus. Since then, his life has been a living testimony to the power of the Gospel to change hearts and redeem souls.

Ercilio Carmona has become a beacon of hope for those seeking truth and inner peace.

In the Km-32 community, we celebrate the testimony of Ercilio and thank God for the work he has done in his life. Ercilio’s example will live on in our hearts, reminding us that as long as we live, it is never too late to find truth and purpose in our faith.

May we continue to be living witnesses of the grace and love of Christ, just as Ercilio Carmona has experienced in his spiritual journey. Together, let us continue to grow in our faith and share the light of the Gospel with the world around us.

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